Success Stories

I have been a patient of Dr. Anne Scott for many years. When I first saw her, I had been sick for over 18 months. My family physician just kept prescribing antibiotics, this medication and that medication. Within six weeks after seeing Dr. Anne for the first time, my stomach no longer hurt and my digestive system was working more effectively. I had more energy and I could really feel the difference in my body and my well-being. I was sold! Any and every time Dr. Anne sees me, she always nails my health issue. She takes the time to listen and treat the whole person not just the body. Recently, we found that I have Hashimoto’s hypothyroid which has made it difficult for me to maintain a healthy body weight. After finding the correct thyroid medication, I did the HCG diet for 6 weeks following a strict diet to reset my hypothalamus. I have maintained my weight loss of 27 lbs for over 6 months now. This is the first time I have been able to maintain my weight in 20+ years. I know without a doubt that the treatment she prescribes will heal my body naturally every time. As it should be!
— Robin, Aquatic Fitness Trainer
Dr. Scott has been wonderful for me. My energy level was zero. I had to drag myself out of the chair even though I was getting testosterone shots every 2 weeks and thyroid medication from my MD. My cholesterol was high along with my blood pressure for which I was taking medications. I had blurred vision. I had allergies I didn’t even know I had. Today I have lots of energy. In 30 days my cholesterol was normal. Then my blood pressure lowered. My vision is clear and I’m taking less medication. Thanks to Dr. Anne Scott. I mention her to everyone.
— Steve, Retired
Dr. Anne Scott is the first naturopath I’ve every been to. Although I have only seen her a few weeks, I have great improvement over my chronic cough that I have had for 15 years. Truly, she’s been a lifesaver. I’ve forgotten how truly tired I was and because I’ve lived with this condition for so long. I don’t think you will be disappointed to see this wonderful lady.
— Ellen, City Employee
I can’t thank Dr. Anne Scott enough. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 8 years. Even in vitro hadn’t been successful. Thanks to her treatment, we are blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy. My own health is improved and I weigh less than before the pregnancy.
— Sylvia, Landscaper
Dr. Scott really listened to me when no one else would. My MD wanted to put me on antidepressants but I felt it was a hormonal problem. Now I’ve sailed through menopause. My energy level is better, my mood swings are gone, I’m doing yoga and feeling younger everyday. I’m so glad I didn’t fill that antidepressant prescription.
— Betsy, Realtor
I had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 10 years before seeing Dr. Scott. The medications helped somewhat but I was still in constant daily discomfort. Not only did Dr. Anne get me off the medications, my daily pain and stiffness is gone by sticking to certain dietary guidelines and taking some natural supplements. I am so happy to be free of pain and to have enough energy to run around with my grandkids. I’m in better shape than I was 10 years ago.
— Sharon, Homemaker
I’m amazed my asthma is gone. I’ve had it since I was a child. Getting rid of my cat allergy with NAET was quick and easy. It’s grand to not worry about entering someone’s house where there’s a cat any more. My wife and I are now the proud owners of a small short hair kitten, my very first pet.
— Geoff, Actor/Writer
After 20 years of irritable bowel and acid reflux, I am cured. This is incredible! My MD wasn’t able to offer me anything except anti-depressants and Prilosec. Your diagnosis of what was causing the problem was right on. You taught me so much about my body and how to take care of my health. My energy is better and I’ve lost 28 pounds. Thanks so much.
— Carolyn, Teacher
After many doctor appointments and some vague diagnoses of possible Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, I was desperate for answers that didn’t involve heavy drugs and a lifelong death sentence. It was Dr. Anne Scott who provided those answers. Her diagnosis and treatment gave me relief within 72 hours and has dramatically increased my energy level and my ability to keep up with my job and to live life to the fullest! She has been a huge blessing to me and my family.
— Pam, Director of Lifegroups
She is the doctor I’ve always needed! She did not rush me nor did she push a prescription. She listened with patience and addressed the source of my condition rather than just trying to treat symptoms. I feel very confident in her diagnosis and our agreed path to recovery. She has a great sense of humor that put me at ease. I’ve been searching for a physician just like her. If it wasn’t weird I would have hugged her.
— Anna
Anne is very knowledgeable on the topic of women and menopause. She provided plenty of interesting crucial information, some new and some that confirmed my own experience. Very thought provoking. She provided an individual, practical plan for addressing my concerns. It’s great to have a health care practitioner who will look at the totality of a person.
— Patricia